Ik ben een "Einzelgänger"
Vanuit dit isolement ontstaat mijn beeldend werk

An essential characteristic of the work of Ellie Munten is the interaction between the human inside and the outside. For years her attention is consistently focused on researching spiritual/psychological and physical/practical aspects within the works of art. Through her paintings in particular Ellie Munten invites the viewer to explore the unknown and offers the opportunity to discover profound layers.

The outside, the outside world and also the factor time, wich influence the inside, are of the same significance to Ellie Munten as the human inner forces that have their influence on man's bahaviour.
Her works of art can be seen as mirrors, which translate this interaction into an expressive form.

Dr. Christian Krausch art historian / Director Museumsverein  Museum Abteiberg Mönchengladbach Germany

Wie auch immer der Betrachter an die Arbeiten herangehen mag, er wird Ausgangsmöglichkeiten für die Erforschung von Seinswahrheiten finden.

Dr. Josef Gülpers art historian Aachen Germany